our clients

Becoming a client

Our first meeting will hopefully be the beginning of an ongoing relationship.

The process that you can expect to follow once you step through our doors should be relatively easy, painless and refreshing.  We would like to take you through a series of steps that will see you more than satisfied that your immediate needs are being met as well as paving a pathway to your future.

Overview of our advice process

• Fee free and obligation free consultation
• Introduction to NBC and our services - provision of our Financial Services and 
   Credit Guide (FSCG)
• Get to know you - client fact file
• Discuss your immediate needs and goals for the future
• Gives you an opportunity to determine if you would like to become a client of
   ours and us an opportunity to see if there is some way we can be of service
   to you

• Adviser reviews your current situation and determines appropriate strategy 
   after research and consideration of costs, benefits and alternatives
• Compilation of a detailed financial plan, comprised of your current situation,
   your goals and our recommendations of how you may achieve these goals

• We will present written recommendations in a Statement of Advice
• Explanation of how the recommended products and strategy will meet your
• Explain our ongoing service packages
• Offer you time to consider your options before making a decision

• Further explain any queries you may have
• Obtain your authority to proceed with recommendations
• Assist you in completing any relevant paperwork and applications 

• Client service officer to keep in regular contact as recommendations are
   being put in place
• Advised when business complete and given a summary of your new situation

• Meeting to review your situation
• Report any changes to adviser and we will determine whether any changes
   to your strategy are appropriate
• Keeps you on track to meeting your long term goals